Updated 15th June:

Store Opening Hours are 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday. 8-12am Saturday.

We would kindly ask that you follow the social distancing guidelines we have set out to protect yourselves, other customers and staff.

A designated number of customers will be allowed in the store at any time.
You will need a trolley to enter, if a trolley isn’t available please wait at the designated area following the 2m social distancing guidelines, until one becomes available.
In store we are set up to protect you, there is hand gel at the entrance which we would like you to use on entering and leaving the store.

You can still order products online

We are continuing to operate our Click & Collect system for all your animal health products, sprays and other essential products, however we ask, where possible customers place orders online

Direct Line telephone numbers are:

Store 01765 680215 use this or the online form for all collections from Store.
Office 01765 689666 use this for all bulk and bagged deliveries and collections. 
 If you need nutritional advice please call your Rep.
For spray or animal health advice please phone Sally 07590 767655
 Thank you for your help in protecting our staff. Read More

W.E. Jameson & Son Ltd provide animal feed, farming services & advice to farmers

Animal Feed

W.E. Jamesons supply animal feed to farmers in the North of England.  We offer compounds and blends for dairy, beef and sheep farmers.

Our Animal Feed

Soils & Crops

We supply fertiliser, as well as grass, maize and cereal seed.  We also stock seed for fodder crops and game cover mixtures.
Soils & Crops

Our Services

We offer forage and soil analysis, beef & dairy ration formulation, dairy costings and fertiliser & manure planning.
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Farming Issues

We aim to look at a range of farming issues which we feel are applicable for dairy, beef and sheep farmers; as well as those rearing youngstock.

Farming Help

Agri Store

The Jameson Agri Store stocks everything the farmer needs, from animal health to handling equipment and grassland sprays to rat poisons. We also stock electric fencing, timber and smaller items like spray markers and foot treatments. Farmers will also find pour-ons, drenches & boluses, as well as vaccines such as Heptavac, Ovivac, & Covexin & Bravoxin. Customers can also find everyday essentials including washing powders, bird food, compost, equine feed and pet toys, feed and treats. We also offer micro chipping.

Country Store

Animal Feed Manufacturers

W.E. Jamesons supply animal feed to farmers in the North of England.  We offer compounds and blends for dairy, beef and sheep farmers.  We can also design keymixes to match your forages and the feeds available on-farm.  Our nutritional expertise offers customers efficient solutions to feeding on farm. We also supply a range of soya, rapeseed meal, brewers grains, molasses, fodder beet etc.  We also stock a great range of grass and fodder seed, as well as cereal seed.
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