This spring, we introduced our No. 4 mixture to our range of grass seeds. It is a 3 to 4 year ley and compares well in terms of yield with the well-established No. 2 mixture which is a 2 year ley. No 4 can work very well for those wanting a big crop of good quality grass but in a short term system, although yields may not be quite as high as our No. 2 mixture. One major benefit is that it can be cut at a similar time to longer term leys on the farm while still giving a high yield. No. 2 is made up of Italian ryegrass and typically these are earlier so do not fit as well with established long term leys at silage time. No. 2 mix works very well on its own, but if grown alongside longer term leys then either it will be cut too late and be too mature or the farm will be making silage continually over the summer! In addition, the establishment costs of a ley are similar for both a 2 year and 3or4 year ley so the annualised cost will be lower for mixture No. 4 while still giving high yields.

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