Quality Control

Quality Control is an important piece in the product quality jigsaw at W E Jameson.  Along with production, transport and good traceability records, quality control results help us confirm that all our products conform to our high quality specifications.  Tests carried out are designed to monitor the nutritional, physical and microbiological quality of the feed.

All our raw materials are purchased from assured suppliers, many of whom provide us with their own quality control results.  In addition to this we take samples from every delivery of raw material arriving on site.  A test schedule is in place setting out our testing plans.  Results are compared against our current raw material values to ensure finished product quality is maintained.

Every delivery of feed is sampled and inspected before leaving site.  Again a test schedule is in place setting out our testing plans. The schedule is designed to cover the range of products we manufacture.  Results are compared against our current formulation values and regularly reviewed by our technical team.

It is important that we know that our manufacturing plant is working well at all times.  As well as regular planned maintenance and calibration we schedule additional tests to monitor the effectiveness of mixing, flushing and cleaning procedures.

Salmonella is monitored in incoming raw materials, finished feed, production and storage areas of the plant as well as delivery vehicles.  Compliance with the Defra Code of Practice for the control of Salmonella ensures that our feeds can be considered as low risk.

Holmen tests are carried out on every production run of pelleted feed to check the durability of our finished feeds. It is important that our feeds arrive on farm with minimum dust present.

At W E Jameson we take part in several industry monitoring schemes including those run by the HGCA and AIC. These schemes monitor cereals and finished feeds for a wide range of undesirable substances.

Being registered with our Local Authority and approved as a manufacturer of medicated feeds we are subject to regular inspection and monitoring of our products, HACCP and Quality Systems. Independent samples are taken and tested for compliance with current legal requirements.