Relevant Products

  • Actisaf yeast
  • Acidbuf
  • Sodium bicarbonate

There are a number of signs which indicate sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA) in cattle: –

  • Reduced rumination
  • Mild scour
  • Foamy, bubbly dung
  • Undigested grain in the dung

If you think any of the above applies to your cattle, then it may be worth investigating the rumen pH further.  Rumenocentesis can be performed; this involves inserting a needle into the rumen and withdrawing rumen fluid.  This procedure is invasive and must be undertaken by a vet.  It will only tell you the pH for one animal at one point in time; however it can be a useful tool.

Feeding straw

The chop length should be approximately 1.5 inches.  They will need to eat 0.5 – 1.5 kg per head per day to see effects on rumen health.

You may want to improve the nutritive value of the straw you feed whilst maintaining the effective fibre levels.  Treating straw with ammonia or urea can increase digestibility and increase live weight gain.  Caustic treating straw will improve energy a little (9.25 MJ), but will also make it alkali which will help to buffer the rumen pH.

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