Animal Feed

W.E. Jameson provide feed & advice for all your livestock.

W.E. Jamesons supply animal feed to farmers throughout Yorkshire and the North of England.  We offer compounds and blends for dairy, beef and sheep farmers.  We can also design keymixes to match your forages and other feeds available on-farm.  Our nutritional expertise offers customers efficient solutions to feeding on farm.  We also supply a range of soya, rapeseed meal, brewers grains, molasses, fodder beet etc.


Dairy FeedOur quality feeds are backed up by a well qualified and experienced team, offering services such as forage & soil analysis, ration formulation and dairy costings.


Beef FeedWe offer a range of feeds for beef cattle from protein supplements to compliment homegrown cereals, to pellets and coarse mixes for calves, through to finishing stock.


Mule hogsW.E. Jamesons offer feeds for breeding ewes and growing & finishing lambs.  We help to ensure lambing percentage is maximized and lamb growth rates exploited.


Youngstock FeedWhether you’re rearing calves for dairy replacements we can supply pellets and coarse mixes as well as calf milk replacer.  If its lambs you’re rearing, our pellets, coarse mixes and lamb milk powder will take advantage of early liveweight gain and help to keep them healthy.