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The following situations can result in bloat: –

  • Lack of any forage in the diet
  • Breed differences (higher in Holsteins due to high dry matter intake)
  • Yeast inclusion can help where high starch levels are fed
  • Cereal variety, due to high fermentation rate
  • Rock salt can be used to encourage saliva production and therefore buffer the rumen
  • Production of slime is related to strep. bovis which is related to shortage of available energy
  • Cattle with severe chronic pneumonia or hardware disease (foreign bodies in gut) may develop free-gas bloat due to damage of vagus nerve and impaired rumen motility
  • Processing of cereal –over processing can result in bloat conditions, this may come about from excessive roller wear for example
  • Feed trough management can result in mouldy feed which can result in bloat conditions
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