Feeding cows effectively this winter will help improve animal performance and margins this winter

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Winter rations are presenting a challenge as many farmers are having to base diets on higher fibre grass silages or incorporate straw feeding, due to low forage stocks, into their.. read more

Toxocara Vitulorum egg

Toxocara Vitulorum in Cattle

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I am passionate about the importance of linking improved production to animal health, feeding the animal for growth and not to fight off disease or infection. As such I thought.. read more

Maximising DMI can be split into three areas:

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FORMULATION – Diets with a high dry matter content will have a reduced intake especially if they are over 50% DM. The dryer the diet then the more the cow.. read more

Using differed grazing this winter

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The term “deferred grazing” refers to grass which has been left to grow and fed later in the year. Removing stock in the early autumn allows covers to build forming.. read more

Pointers for Pneumonia Prevention…

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Calf pneumonia or Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) is a complex, multi-factorial disease usually seen in young, housed calves. BRD causes inflammation and damage to the lungs and airways which is.. read more

Life as a New Zealand Vet

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For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Anna Cornforth. I used to be a mixed practice vet in Otley before coming across to NZ in August.. read more

Milking Cows at grazing showing signs of PICA (licking stones, eating soil etc)?

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PICA can be a caused by a primary Phosphorus deficiency, but currently a more likely cause could be a lack of dietary fibre, so providing access to straw/haylage in the.. read more

Wheat & Barley Varieties to consider this Autumn.

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After two difficult sowing seasons and wet winters, Autumn 2021 looks as though it could be an early drilling season with a lot of break crops drilled in the spring,.. read more

Swaledale with lambs

Feeding the Ewe in Late Pregnancy

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Feeding the Ewe in Late Pregnancy The fourth and fifth months of pregnancy are most important to the ewe and developing lambs and influence both lamb survival and birth weight.. read more

Supporting British Farmers

A review of the year…

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The beef and lamb industry has seen prices reach highs, not seen for many years. The second half of 2020 has proved how finally balanced the agricultural commodity markets can.. read more