Life as a New Zealand Vet

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For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Anna Cornforth. I used to be a mixed practice vet in Otley before coming across to NZ in August.. read more

Milking Cows at grazing showing signs of PICA (licking stones, eating soil etc)?

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PICA can be a caused by a primary Phosphorus deficiency, but currently a more likely cause could be a lack of dietary fibre, so providing access to straw/haylage in the.. read more

Wheat & Barley Varieties to consider this Autumn.

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After two difficult sowing seasons and wet winters, Autumn 2021 looks as though it could be an early drilling season with a lot of break crops drilled in the spring,.. read more

Swaledale with lambs

Feeding the Ewe in Late Pregnancy

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Feeding the Ewe in Late Pregnancy The fourth and fifth months of pregnancy are most important to the ewe and developing lambs and influence both lamb survival and birth weight.. read more

Supporting British Farmers

A review of the year…

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The beef and lamb industry has seen prices reach highs, not seen for many years. The second half of 2020 has proved how finally balanced the agricultural commodity markets can.. read more

A Positive Outlook during uncertain times?

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The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly created some unusual trading circumstances for farmers, with auctions implementing drop and go systems, social distancing measures put in place for buyers and timed online.. read more

Cryptosporidium parvum and Calf rearing Systems

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Cryptosporidiosis is a highly infectious and robust protozoan parasite, which can cause dramatic health problems in young calves as well as being extremely costly. It affects young calves by attacking.. read more

Stubble Turnips and Forage Rape

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With the potential early entry after winter barley or wholecrop, July can be a great month for establishing stubble turnips or forage rape. With estimated growing costs of between £300-£400.. read more

Cobalt Deficiency in Lambs

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  All ruminants require a supply of cobalt in their diet to synthesis vitamin B12. This vitamin is vital for the metabolism of propionate required for energy and the formation.. read more

Energy- Are Your Cows Getting Enough?

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As the weather improves full time grazing has become a regular routine on farm and with the calving slowing down, we need to look forward towards breeding. The success of.. read more