Full of arms & legs

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As its coming round to lambing season once again it’s time to be thinking about vaccination of pregnant ewes. Ewes on the Heptavac-P Plus or Covexin 8 systems will be.. read more

Grass Seeds – Soil Nutrient Testing

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The high rainfall of 2012 will have led to a greater leaching of nutrients from farmland. Before reseeding any grass this spring we strongly recommend soil testing for pH, Phosphorus.. read more

Spring calving suckler cows

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The most critical time for suckler cow nutrition is from six weeks before calving through to six weeks after service. Correct body condition will minimize calving difficulties and help to.. read more

Cows eating

Marks and Spencer

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Those farmers lucky enough to be supplying milk on a M+S contract will receive a standard litre price of 33.58p, a rise of 1.32p from February 1st. This contract is.. read more

Need someone to talk to ?

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As winter draws in, the real costs of a wet summer are being realized for many farmers. FCN exists to help with many of the problems and concerns which may.. read more

Feed focus – Revolution

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For modern high genetic merit dairy cows, programmed to produce high yields, Revolution dairy cake will help them achieve their potential. With energy levels at 14MJ/kg DM, milk yield will.. read more

Chewing the fat

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Dr Ruth: So Harry how are things going? (note to self: never ask a sheep this question). Harry: This year is great as us sheep have never run out of.. read more

Backing it both ways

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Using feed blocks or buckets may be a back-up option for ewes in mid and late pregnancy. Buckets and blocks will provide supplementary minerals and vitamins as well as a.. read more


Wheat Seed

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It had to happen didn’t it !! As soon as we send out our newsletter saying there is no spring wheat seed available …… then we have some available. The.. read more

Now stocking Lyalvale

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Now stocking Lyalvale cartridges, gun oils and cleaners, as well as shooting accessories.