At our recent meeting on silage making, our new Pentoguard for 2015 was discussed and features a massive breakthrough in silage additive technology. The inclusion of lactobacillus lactis brings innovative thinking to silage making. This bug has a unique ability to produce nisin, a bacteriocin known to inhibit clostridia and reduce DM losses and stop yeasts and moulds which lead to aerobic spoilage & health issues in cattle and sheep.

Pentoguard treated silage avoids extremes of lactic acid production, resulting in no heating or spoilage. In addition, the silage is more rumen friendly which avoids SARA issues.

At our meeting farmers were surprised how cold the clamps felt to the touch and also said they could feel sticky sugar on their fingers. In addition, there was no yeast or mould to be found anywhere on any of the six clamps we viewed.

Ask us about our latest update to Pentoguard silage additive

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