KWS Cassia is a feed barley which has given high yields of grain with a high specific weight and is the most popular feed variety grown. However, it is susceptible to mildew and Rhynchosporium but has resistance to mosaic virus. A new variety, KWS Glacier is even better, but there is limited tonnage. Volume is a 6-row hybrid which has very high yields. It is tall with only moderate straw strength. It has good disease resistance and good specific weight. Volume is also resistant to the common strains of mosaic virus.

First wheats
Cougar is a high yielding variety with excellent disease resistance plus resistance to wheat blossom midge. It has high tillering capacity with latish maturity and low specific weight, but there is limited tonnage available. KWS Santiago is the highest yielding variety on the Recommended List. It has a hard endosperm with moderate grain quality and moderate straw strength. It has resistance to orange blossom midge but has a rather poor spectrum of disease resistance to rust so requires a good fungicide and PGR programme. However, it is able to perform well in all situations. KWS Kielder has very high yield potential, but mediocre disease resistance so benefits from a comprehensive fungicide programme. It has blossom midge resistance, but needs to be sown early as it is slow to develop. KWS Leeds is a new variety and is extremely high yielding with a tall but relatively stiff straw. It has relatively good resistance to both yellow rust and fusarium but is susceptible to mildew. KWS Leeds is resistant to orange wheat blossom midge and has a good specific weight.

Second wheats
JB Diego is a second wheat that has given consistently high yields in many situations. It has reasonable disease resistance, but is susceptible to brown rust. It is early maturing with good sprouting resistance and good grain quality. Duxford has moderate yields and long but stiff straw. It has only moderate all-round disease resistance and is quite susceptible to yellow and brown rust. It shows rapid development from early sowing, so is best sown mid to late September onwards.

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