This year’s 1st cut silage has produced some very big crops and will have removed a lot of nutrients from the soil. However, because of the large amount of silage made some farmers are wanting to use less fertiliser, not more on 2nd cuts.

Normal practice is to apply 3 x 50kg of Aftercut fertiliser per acre to give 45 units of potash. However, that is based on the assumption that 1st cut gave a modest yield of 10 tonnes of silage at 25% dry matter. Every extra tonne of silage above 10 tonnes removes an extra 12 units of potash.

Extra potash can be added by either applying Aftercut or slurry on to the aftermaths but care must be taken so it does not dry on to the leaf. If big yields of 2nd and 3rd cut are not needed then using muriate of potash (0-0-60) could be applied to replenish the potash or a compound with a different ratio of nitrogen to potash such as 12-15-20 or 20-5-15 dependant on the soil nutrient status.

For advice on your own circumstances please contact Neil or David in the office.

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