Discussing with two customers in one day why they had chosen to purchase feed from other suppliers with low energy ingredients on the list such as oatfeed and sunflowers was always going to make for a bad night’s sleep. “So how are the cattle performing?” I ask. “Well they’re doing alright”, both customers responded. So what’s ‘alright’? Would you accept ‘alright’ in any other walk of life? What’s wrong with ‘fantastic’, ‘brilliant’ or even ‘they’re doing 1.4kg/day’ which is exactly what I expected them to achieve’? Sounds better than “well they’re doing alright”. Why take the gamble? Would you go out and buy a tractor without knowing the specification? So why buy feed and not insist on an ingredients’ list; a fixed ingredient list at that! Don’t forget that an ‘alright’ rep, sells ‘alright’ feed which produces ‘alright’ results. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t really, it just sounds ‘alright’! Alright?

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