Dairy Farming Issues

Dairy farming has never been tougher, our dairy farming issues section helps you to address problems that spring up on your farm.  There’s also help if you’re wanting to improve performance in terms of yield, fertility and health.

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Dry and transition cow nutrition

As a vital link from one lactation to the next and preparation for calving, the dry period must be managed positively to ensure cows start their new lactation in the.. read more

Metabolic disorders

Metabolic disorders in early postpartum cows are fostered by management practices that are aimed at greater production, related to dry cow (transition cow) management and related to early postpartum period. .. read more

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Lameness and nutrition

Lameness in dairy cows is a major cause of financial loss on dairy farms.  The relationship between nutrition and the development of major hoof lesions is still far from clear. .. read more

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Nutrition and fertility

Fertility for the high genetic merit dairy cow is declining.  For every 100 dairy cows inseminated for the first time, only approx 34 are expected to conceive and carry a.. read more

Heifer rearing

The length of time dairy heifers survive in a herd and the longevity of dairy cattle, declined significantly throughout the 1980’s.  In fact, the average UK cow survives only three.. read more

Ovarian cysts

Cystic ovaries are generally regarded as spherical, ovarian structures at least 2.5 cm in diameter that persist for at least ten days in the absence of a corpus luteum. Cows.. read more

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Manipulating milk composition

There are a number of ways of manipulating milk solid levels through feeding, although the cost-effectiveness of ration adjustments always needs to be assessed against the specific milk contract. The two.. read more

Ration formulation

Displaced abomasum (DA)

The major risk period for DA is 2 weeks before calving through to 2 to 4 weeks postpartum. Cows with displaced abomasums are typically dull, show a marked drop in.. read more