For modern high genetic merit dairy cows, programmed to produce high yields, Revolution dairy cake will help them achieve their potential. With energy levels at 14MJ/kg DM, milk yield will be high as well as giving fertility a boost in early lactation through improved body condition. Glucogenic ingredients are included which also promote good fertility. Choose from a protein level of either 18 or 20%.

Only high quality ingredients are included, such as wheat, EU distillers grains, sugar beet pulp, molasses, hipro soya and megalac. Poorer and more variable ingredients such as bakery waste etc are not included; this is also indicated by the overall fibre level of the concentrate which is approximately 6.8%.

Vitamin E deficiency may increase the risk of metritis, retained placenta and mastitis; with this in mind Revolution contains correct levels of vitamin E. Selenium is also needed for optimal functioning of the immune system and has been shown to help prevent mastitis. Selenium is supplied from a protected source (Selplex, a seleno yeast) and sodium selenite works in conjunction with Vitamin E.

Revolution dairy cake provides the cow with the best opportunity for a successful lactation.

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