With an ever tightening beef price, finishers need to get cattle away at the correct specification at high feed conversion efficiency. Many farmers have been getting good results feeding Jamesons Premium beef nuts layered with rolled barley.

Feeding premium beef nuts, increases palatability and improves dry matter intakes of the ration overall. The premium beef nuts are made from natural proteins giving the flexibility for feeding to younger cattle. Also, some farmers think that older cattle grow better when fed natural proteins anyway. However, urea can be used in rations for older, well grown cattle, provided the rumen is functioning well. Our premium beef nuts contain Actisaf yeast which is essential for finishing cattle on high starch diets to avoid acidosis.

With a poor beef price, it is tempting to save money by reducing the protein content of the diet. Whilst it makes sense to check that you’re not overfeeding protein, undersupplying can cost as much as overfeeding due to slower gains and poor feed conversion efficiency.

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