Jamesons Hogg Blend has remained relatively unchanged for 20 years. The specification designed by Malcolm Jameson had two basic principles; a blend of highly palatable ingredients to maximise intakes, high in digestible fibre to allowing very rapid and safe introduction. Typically fattening store lambs on ‘hard’ feed is a high throughput, short duration system. Lambs need to be introduced very rapidly to the feed so minimising any delays in fattening. Jamesons Hogg Blend is almost legendary in the area for fulfilling these specific criteria. The carefully blended combination of Molassed Sugarbeet Pellets, Barley Distillers, Rolled Barley, Wheatfeed, Soya and Rape Meal fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and coated in Molasses are the key ingredients of success. Lambs rapidly maximise intakes, achieving daily intakes of 1.5 to 1.8kg. At these intakes lightening finishing is guaranteed as long as lambs are healthy and have a source of forage. Quality ingredients always cost that bit more but Jamesons resist the temptation to cheapen the ration, knowing that hundreds of customers have come to rely on the safe, efficient finishing of lambs on Hogg Blend. Ask your representative for a specification and price.

  • A course blend of rolled cereals and 6mm blender pellets
  • 17% crude protein and high metabolizable energy (13 MJ/Kg DM) means maximum performance
  • Feed to stored lambs ad-lib in hoppers or troughs for rapid finishing. Rapid introduction achieved safely.
  • High starch (cereals wheat and barley) compliments grass protein giving optimal rumen function and finishing
  • Contains ammonium chloride to aid in the prevention of urinary calculi (stones).
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