It is important to us that we maintain a high level of service for you. So we thought we would go through a few points, covering some simple things that will help us, to help you.

We need to ensure feed deliveries to farms are maintained safely through the current coronavirus situation.

With your help we can continue these deliveries, whilst minimising the risk factors for virus spread, to yourselves and to our drivers.

It is also important to stress that all normal farm H&S procedures should continue to be followed, especially important with the closure of schools, and the likelihood of children being on the farm. This is something we have made all our drivers aware of and that they need to be extra vigilant. However, if you are expecting a delivery, please try and ensure that children are safely out of harm’s way.

Other points to consider:

  • Make us aware, pre-delivery, if anyone at the farm is self-isolating or showing symptoms of Coronavirus infection.
  • Provide plenty of lead time, where possible, for orders.
  • Ensure delivery instructions are clear and available pre-delivery, so that the driver is aware on arrival, thereby minimising the need to contact you.
  • Avoid direct contact with the driver, maintaining the recommended 2m separation.
  • The drivers will wash or sanitise their hands, as they enter and leave the farm, and/or wear appropriate gloves and PPE, where necessary.
  • Where possible, please ensure that surfaces (e.g. bulk bin connection points), that may be shared are cleaned/disinfected.
  • Consider cleaning any types of equipment, which may be touched by the driver.

These are unprecedented times and we are grateful for your loyalty and support; our aim is to work with you, to keep our staff, you and all your family safe. Thank you.

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