Calf rearing is an important job as the young calf is the future of the herd. Well reared, healthy calves will produce high yielding, healthy adult dairy cattle and fast growing beef animals. Our calf weaner pellets are highly palatable and are formulated to maximize early intake of top quality ingredients, optimizing calf performance at this most critical time. Our approach to feeding calves is to encourage the development of a strong immune system which promotes health at a time in the animal’s life when it is most vulnerable. We formulate to promote effective rumen development so that calves can go on to maximize their genetic potential. Our calf weaner pellets contain the correct levels of all vitamins and minerals needed to support healthy growth, and are specific to calves.

Kick starting the rumen is critical for the calf and there are five requirements for effective ruminal development: –
• Bacteria
• Water
• Muscular action
• Cudding
• Volatile fatty acids

We have included lots of extras to help the above; all you have to do is add water (for the calves to drink). We have included salt to promote saliva production which helps buffer acid in the rumen. The cereals in the pellets will supply volatile fatty acids to help rumen development. Both pro- and pre-biotics encourage beneficial bacteria in the developing rumen, leading to an increase in intestinal development and stimulating feed intake by up to 20%. To encourage intake, our calf weaner pellets contain a flavour which means calves go mad for them.

In addition, we have used etheric oils to encourage feed intake and stimulate health. If that’s not enough, our weaner pellets have a vitamin E eq of 100 mg to give a real boost to immunity and help the calf fight pneumonia.

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