This month we launch our newly designed top-end whey and skim based calf milk replacer.  Both are 23% protein and 17% oil.  We have chosen to only use ingredients that calves can digest well and that don’t cause any irritations to their guts.  This will make sure you get your money’s worth for every gram of powder you buy.  Also, the powder won’t cause any digestive upsets for your calves.

In addition, we have packed it full of lots of goodies which have been scientifically proven to help their immune systems, improve digestion and increase palatability.  We have also included IMMU-Gain which contains immunoglobulins for Rotavirus, E. coli, Salmonella, Coronavirus and Cryptosporidia.  Giving your calves as much protection against disease as we possibly can.

Our prices may well surprise you, ask your rep for a quote for Jameson IMMU-Power (whey-based) or Jameson IMMU-Surge (skim-based).

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