Dairy Costings

Dairy costingsDairy costings allows you to track your dairy herd’s performance on a monthly basis.  You can benchmark your herd against others on similar systems and it’s easy to get started.  It enables you to Benchmark the key performance criteria for your dairy herd and allows you to check your performance against your plans and budgets.  Instantly this allows you to see the areas in which you are outstanding and also highlights where you are under performing, leaving you to target your efforts.

Our dairy costings provide both financial and technical data to enable you to make informed decisions for your business making it a valuable dairy management tool.

In addition, annual rolling figures will show you your results over the year, highlighting key areas such as milk output, butterfat and protein %, SCC and Bactoscan. Significant changes are highlighted, identifying problem areas, allowing you to measure the effect of previous management decisions.