Cereal Seed

Cereal seedW.E. Jamesons select cereal varieties that are most suitable for growing conditions in the North of England.  Farmers will also want to consider agronomic data such as resistance to lodging and straw height.  Disease resistance will also be a consideration, for example mildew and rusts.  In addition, farmers will want to consider suitability for their particular market.

Our most popular varieties include: –

Winter wheat (1st wheats)

Gallant, Viscount, Invicta, Oakley, Conqueror, KWS Santiago, Relay

Winter wheat (2nd wheats)

Cordiale, KWS Podium, KWS Target, JB Diego, Duxford, Grafton, Alchemy

Winter barley

Saffron, KWS Cassia, Volume, Element

Spring wheat, oats & barley

Mulika-Tybalt (wheat), Firth Moritz (oats); Waggon, Profino, Sanette (barley).