Grass Seed Mixtures – OLD

Careful variety selection ensures our products are fit for purpose and are not least cost mixtures.  We select varieties using a number of criteria; always well proven consistent performers with a sound track record or recent varieties showing exceptional trial results.  Our specialist mixing plant at Masham ensures minimal seed damage.  Mixtures are labelled and packaged according to current legislation and delivered with the utmost care.

We can offer unbiased advice gained from a long history in the seed trade.  We can offer a "custom mix" service, which enables us to supply any mixture suited to your farming system or the demands of an environmental scheme.


Mixtures for silage

No 1 Big Hitter (short term) - an extremely fast growing ley, predominantly used for one year silage production, however can provide very good grazing for early turnout in the spring.

No 2 Rapid Sile (2/3 yrs) - this mixture establishes rapidly for early utilisation providing the optimum balance between high quality and yield.  This is the perfect option for prolific spring grass growth and a very large first cut in the middle of May.  Expect to take up to four cuts in one season in a silage only situation, responds well to nitrogen inputs.

No 3 Max "D" (medium term) - medium term mixture aiming for maximum yields and high quality forage.  Predominantly a perennial ryegrass mixture with good levels of highly palatable tetraploid varieties.  The inclusion of hybrid ryegrass will provide higher yields and vigorous growth, particularly in the first 3 years.  This ley will perform well throughout the summer offering high quality grazing when required.

No 9 Redahead (2/3 years) - this mixture is high in protein and produces high yields of silage.  The combination of hybrid ryegrasses and red clover gives quality silage over 3 years.  Apart from supplying high energy forage for winter feed the ley can be grazed by all types of stock.  The red clover in the mixture will fix nitrogen to enhance ground fertility.

Silage and grazing

Cows grazingNo 4 Flex-Manage (medium term) - general use, medium term mixture formulated to provide suitable grasses for both cutting and grazing.  Hybrid ryegrass is included for its vigour, tolerance to drought and mid season growth.  White clover will reduce nitrogen requirement, improve palatability and digestibility.  Timothy will provide extra palatability and good mid to late season growth.

No 5 Early bite (grazing or cutting) - early varieties in this mixture will provide quality grazing throughout the season with the option to close up a late first cut in mid-summer.  This ley gives a very dense and highly productive sward with great persistence.  High intakes are guaranteed from this mixture of proven palatable varieties.

No 6 Endura-Sile (silage/grazing) - silage mixture for intensive situations where nitrogen use is high and timothy and white clover are therefore unsuitable.  A combination of some of the best ryegrasses on the BSPB list give excellent long term growth.  A thick bottomed sward giving maximum grazing and silage yield.

No 7 Perma-Graze grazing - an excellent dual purpose ley suitable for cattle and sheep.  The mixture combines the benefits of intermediate and late perennial ryegrass varieties, in combination with highly palatable timothy and white clover.  The timothy content makes this mixture an ideal choice for colder and more exposed sites.

Intensive grazing

No 8 Intensive dairy (silage / grazing) - the wide range of ryegrass heading dates in this mixture ensures maximum yield and digestibility.  This sward will be persistent and very dense for many years.  If closed up for cutting, the ley will provide a bulky mid season silage yield.  Inclusion of tetraploid grasses will increase palatability and resiatance to drought, improving intake by livestock.

No 10 Maxi graze (long term grazing) - very persistent multipurpose ley with good bottom growth, contains high levels of water soluble carbohydrate (sugar) ryegrass varieties.