Our Ewedale range of sheep pencils & rolls include our top of the range Ease, closely followed by Gold and Green. All of our sheep nuts contain a good supply of vitamin E at 150 mg/kg which is needed for the immune system and so essential for lamb vigour.
High levels of energy will ensure good milk production and strong lambs. There are no filler ingredients in these as they would reduce energy levels. Our Gold & Ease pencils / rolls are 13MJ and our Green rolls / pencils are still high in energy at 12.6MJ.
All of our Ewedale range are 18% crude protein with good levels of DUP (by pass protein). This will ensure good lamb birth weights and high levels of immunity, especially to parasites. Our Ease pencils and rolls are specially treated to protect more of the protein and hence increase DUP further. This treatment also protects the starch making it more rumen friendly ensuring good intakes and reducing the likelihood of acidosis.
Selenium is provided in a protected form to ensure optimal functioning of the immune system. Calcium, Phosphorus & Magnesium are included at correct levels to reduce the risk of hypocalcaemia. Salt is included to help buffer the rumen and avoid acidosis.

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