A fantastic night was had by all as Ben Strugnell spent an evening talking about the pressures we put on ewe’s to produce strong, healthy, viable lambs. Around 145 farmers braved the cold to turn out for a repeat visit from Ben who covered the importance of correct nutrition in late pregnancy to ensure viability of all lambs conceived. He highlighted that 75% of growth occurs in the last 6 weeks reducing the capacity of the rumen dramatically just at a time when the ewe requires the most energy from her feed, her appetite drops. Deaths due to calcium deficiency and twin lamb disease were covered in great detail again highlighting the need to analyse silage to check quality to ensure correct nutrition at the crucial time.

Jameson’s Ewedale Gold Rolls contain a high level of vitamin E helping the Ewe’s immune system; increasing lamb vigour, survivability and immunity to disease. Quality ingredients’ include wheat, distillers grains, sugar beet pulp, molasses and soya bean meal providing 18% protein and high metabolizable energy. The cake is finally balanced with calcium, phosphorus and magnesium essential to reduce the risk of hypocalcaemia and other metabolic problems.

For further information on feeding the ewe in late pregnancy please call us on 01765 689666 or further information is available just follow the link

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